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The Société Nationale des Objets Connectés was founded in 2015 and established within the Wise’Factory, the Angers French Tech flagship. Its core business is the design and production of IoT solutions including the object itself, the radio component and digital cloud services.

The company services follow 3 directions :

Products &


The « Open Source Electronics » product line is dedicated to showcasing new IoT technologies and to promoting the company’s know-how.

The « NEOMNI » product line, tailored to professional practices, meets the needs of a company looking to digitize and optimize its processes.  The NEOMNI range uses the latest sensor solutions and the latest communication solutions (Sigfox, LoRaWAN). The Telemesure.net services platform.

« The latest communication solutions based on LPWAN Low Speed Networks (Sigfox, LoRaWAN, private LoRa network) » 



Our company has all the competencies required for ad hoc and fast adaptation of electronic data capture systems, which enables us to offer a complete solution meeting the customer’s professional practices needs.



« The world of innovative IoT solutions for the creation of prototypes »

Products and accessories around the major, current IoT trends for companies and private individuals. Our online store features more than 400 in-stock references, and can deliver in 24/48 hours to 40 countries of the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, Africa) region.

Team description



President - CTO

Telecommunications pioneer and expert in developing products mixing electronics, software and distant services for nearly 30 years, Yannick is constantly innovating. From minitel services to nuclear sector applications via consumer electronics, his experience serves our customers’ professional practices.



Embedded Software Development

Passionate about programming, Pierre enjoys exploring new technologies.
His hobby is to create web applications and he is able, at any time, to offer you ideas for movies to watch while working on the development of software solutions for connected objects produced by SNOC.



Software Development

Fan of “OK Google …” he vacuumed his home from the office and feeds his fish while developing a query in the database of our electronic component’s stock.
Guillaume works on the development and structuring of our internal tools to improve our industrial efficiency.



Director - Marketing

With more than 20 years of experience in large international companies in the consumer electronics industry, Pascal is in charge of several topics: marketing & communication, project management and management. His rigour is at the service of our customers’ satisfaction.



Administrative Assistant

Charlotte “Alias ​​Choupette” is the girly touch of the band. Like a real ray of sunshine (she says so), she radiates our afternoons with delicious cookies. Fan of Yako Combat, she is as efficient in her uppercuts as in the administrative and accounting management of the company! Charlie and his funny ladies just have to stand, Charlotte and her funny guys is in the place!

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