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Société Nationale des Objets Connectés

Our mission is to design, manufacture and market IoT solutions meeting identified needs of public or industrial markets.

Our ready to use telecommunication and cloud services allow fast implementation of those solutions.

Cross-functional expertise

During its digital life, a connected thing interacts with the rich and complex outside world.

Its design can be simplified by our comprehensive vision of sensors, mechanics, embedded or ambient power handling, human interface, over the air service connections, mobile applications, life cycle, …

Connected things design

The design team finds solutions for on the ground needs. A comprehensive approach of the IoT ecosystem helps opening new horizons with simplified approaches.

Telecom & services

Our communication services and data processing system provide read to use solutions. Our will is to stick to standards and be connected to every communication networks.

Online sale

YADOM.EU aims at makers with a selection of the top products for developing in the IoT.

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Notre Siège social

Société Nationale des Objets Connectés
7 rue du bon Puits
49480 St Sylvain d’Anjou
Tel: +33 (0)252 350 490

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Pôle Image et Réseau

Member of « Images & Réseaux »

We are member of the competitiveness cluster which promotes the digital society.

Angers, the IoT city

Our company takes part in the Angers IoT ecosystem, an important electronics and software design cluster.

Angers FrenchTech partner

Angers FrenchTech is an IoT ecosystem involved in supporting innovative projects and startups.


BizSpark startup